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American Planning Association: Planning and the Black Community Division

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Washington, DC

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Planning and the Black Community Division (PBCD) Mission Statement
To provide a forum for planners, administrators, public officials, students, and
other APA members to address issues of significance to the Black community; and
promote knowledge exchange between members and other organizations, encourage 
and support professional development among Black planners, and provide a forum 
of career advancement.

Named after committed planners and long-standing PBCD members, The Robert A. 
Catlin/David W. Long Memorial Fellowship is designed to foster an increased 
interest in the profession of urban planning among Black students. The goal of 
the Fellowship is to provide students with relevant planning experience and 
encourage the pursuit and achievement of the growing number of Black graduate 
students entering into the urban planning profession. The Fellowship will create
a critical mass of Black planning professionals who can support one another, 
and provide new perspectives on issues facing the communities that they serve 
and reside in. In addition to receiving financial support and research 
oversight, the fellowship opportunity will provide students with a hands-on 
approach to engage and support the mission of PBCD through a tailored fellowship

The award amount is $1,500 and it is available to any Black undergraduate 
student who has been accepted into an urban planning program for graduate 
studies or Black graduate students majoring in urban planning or a related field
(environmental studies, geography, urban studies urban policy.) Current 
graduate students may not be in the final semester of their programs. 
Undergraduate students applying to graduate planning programs must show proof of
acceptance and intent to enroll if awarded the fellowship. Students attending 
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) are especially encouraged 
to apply. The applicant should be in good academic standing and should serve as 
an active member of their community. The $1,500 fellowship will be awarded to 
the student to cover costs associated with the pursuit of their studies, and 
will be paid over a three month period during the summer. The fellowship is 
awarded to a student only one time during their tenure in a planning or related 
program. The Executive Board reserves the right to resend the Fellowship if the 
student fails to meet the program guidelines at any time.

Fellowship Program Structure:
The selected Fellow will be tasked to conduct a research report on one of three 
topics that are selected by the PBCD E-board. The fellowship time period will 
assume for three months during the summer and will be coordinated based on the 
termination of the fellow’s spring semester and the beginning of the fall 
semester. A mutually agreed upon project schedule will be established between 
the fellowship recipient and PBCD Executive Board. The deliverables would 
include a research paper (15-20) pages on the selected topic. A presentation 
must also be produced as a part of the fellowship submittals which will be 
presented at the annual PBCD business meeting on the following year* Finally, 
the Fellow will be required to submit a short article summarizing the research 
that was produced during the fellowship for the summer PBCD newsletter.
Prior to the start of the fellowship the Fellow will create a short video and 
provide a preview of fellowship topic. The video will be presented at the annual
2 start of the fellowship.
*If the Fellow is unable to be present at the annual PBCD meeting during the 
National Planning Conference, the Fellow will be afforded an opportunity to make
a presentation via skype or submit a video presentation.

Fellowship Requirements:
The selected student will be required to prepare a 15-20 pages report based on 
one of three topics selected by the PBCD E-board.

How to apply :

Application Process:
1. The Applicantshould submit ONE applicationpackage thatincludesthefollowing
❖ Scholarship Application
❖ Personal Statement
❖ Proofofenrollmentingraduateplanningprogramorletterof acceptance to a
graduate planning program
❖ One Letter of Recommendation
❖ Academic Transcript(Unofficial)
2. A Selection Committee of three members representing PBCD will review applications and
determine award winners. Applications will be judged using the following criteria, listed in
order of importance: 1) commitment to planning as reflected in personal statement, 2)
academic achievement 3) letters of recommendation. Final 2-3 candidates will be contacted
for final round interviews. All applicants will be notified of their status and the selection
committee finaldecision.
3. ThePBCDChair willannouncethenameoftheawardrecipientinMarch2018.
4. The fellowship will begin on June 1, 2018 and end on or before August 31, 2018. The $1,500
fellowship will be paid directly to the student in installments of $500 per month for three
consecutive months during the time of service. The Fellow shall work to complete the
fellowship report as defined by the members of the PBCD E-Board. The fellowship report will
be tailored in coordination with the award recipient and PBCD.
All materials must be received by the PBCD, via e-mail by 11:59p.m. PST, February 9, 2018 at the
following email address:

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